Omc shift assist fix

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Omc shift assist fix

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Petronix distributers come with a diagram to do just such a thing. I will see if I can find that old sheet with the diagram. Find More Posts by OldEliminator. Scott B. Visit Scott B's homepage!

Sierra 18-5889 Shift Assist Module Kit

Find More Posts by Scott B. The diagram is buried somewhere on the Pertronics website. Why do you want to bypass the shift assist? Find More Posts by Liberator Platinum Member. Received 1 Like on 1 Post. You can't bypass it and still have it shift properly. I converted my point distributor to electronic which required a bypass circuit for that. It protected the electronics from the shift interupter. It didn't bypass the interupter.

Could this be what you're after? Find More Posts by mopower. Charter Member. You can hook it up like a Mercruiser. The wires out of the switch go to a plug.Be the first to Write a Review. CDIs Limited Warranty covers defects in material or workmanship on new CDI Electronics products generally for a period of 2 years from the purchase date.

Javascript is disabled on your browser. To view this site, you must enable JavaScript or upgrade to a JavaScript-capable browser. Coronavirus Ordering Information. Quantity discounts available. Quantity Price. Shift Assist Module, P Cyl.

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SKU: Mfg P. UNIT: Each. Description : Shift Module Type : Cyl. Add to Cart. In Stock - Ships out in 1 Business Day. Replacement shift assist module for OMC sterndrive. For 4, 6 and V8 Models. Submit a Question. Q: Will this replace the shift assit module on a OMC sterndive with an electric side mount lever? When the key is turned to one position, and lever is placed into either forward or reverse; neither gear will engage.

A: The serial number of your engine would confirm this part, but it is the most likely one. Manufacturer defects reported within 30 days of receipt will be supplied a pre-paid label for return shipping upon approval.Its made by CDI electronincs. Anyone else ever hear of something like this? I know the stock units will burn up if used with electronic ignition without a klug circuit installed. I wonder if these units have something similar built in?

Just wondering since I built a klug circuit and installed it this winter when I put my Pertronics electronic ignition conversion back in. I've heard good things about the Pertronix units. Make sure it is a complete set up for OMC, including the special coil and shift assist device. The key is getting the one that matches your ignition system. What is a KLUG unit? What CDI unit would I need? Thud, I had bought the conversion kit several years ago from Boatfix but didn't install it due to the shift interruptor issue.

This winter I built a Klug sp?

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Basically its a pair of resistors in parallel and a pair of diodes in series spliced into the grey wire to the coil from the ESA module. It is supposed to prevent the engine form stalling when using electronic ing.

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I haven't tried it yet so I don't know if it is going ot work. When I saw the CDI unit mentioned I thought if there is a ready made item out there that works I'd have a fall back plan if my home built circuit doesn't work. Appearently the Shift solenoids were designed to do the work, but used a lot more current than they actually needed. So somebody came up with a way to slow down the 'rush' of current to the solenoid, which looks like a Dead Short to the logic.

Bibliotime, i, 1

Also those Electronic Ignitions need quite a bit of voltage and might quit at a sudden voltage drop. The diodes drop the voltage a little. Also would would stop a 'Back EMF' which could kill a low voltage computer.

Sounds good to me. I was given an 85Hp Evinrude that had something wrong in the Shift solenoids. I gave it to another guy to keep my wife from doing something awful to my shift solenoids. Homeport: AL. I ordered the from here. It works great with my Pertronix ignition by the way BoaterEd Store.

How To Bypass Omc Shift Assist???????

Save Password. OMC shift assist modules and electronic ign. I saw an ad on ebay for a shift assist module for OMC that is compatible with electronic ignitions and conversions.

Homeport: Lewes, Delaware.Forest Lakes Blvd. Oldsmar, FL Sterndrive Engineering, Inc. SEI has no affiliation with the Brunswick Corporation. Consequently, any warranties governing products and or sold by Brunswick Corporation will not apply to products manufactured and or sold by SEI, or to products damaged due to the operation of an SEI product. Remember Me? Advanced Search. Results 1 to 4 of 4. Thread: ESA - why should i bypass it?

Join Date Jul Posts 5. ESA - why should i bypass it? I noticed in the install instructions for the cobra conversion kit that it is optional but recommended to bypass the OMC Electronic Shift Assist module. Before i bypass it I would like to know why it is recommended to bypass this system. Please explain. I'm just trying to understand the reasoning behind the bypass before I wire it up.

Join Date Nov Posts We have you elimate the ESA system, and then wire it like a mercruiser. It will still cutout the engine when shifting, but it will do it the same as a mercruiser rather than the omc way. Tech support. Which wire is the one which does not show continuity?

I dont have a multi-meter but was thinking that since there are only 2 wires going to that switch, that it must be pretty standard that either the top or bottom wire is the one without continuity. Can you tel me which wire top of swich or bottom wire on the switch is the one i need to connect the negative wire from the coil to? Or do i absolutely need to test for continuity, or the lack of in this case? OMC had used a couple of different set ups, so you are best to check the wire, if you don't have a meter, maybe you have a test light you could use?

Tech Support. Oldsmar, FL tel: All times are GMT The time now is AM. All rights reserved.Login or Sign Up. Logging in Remember me. Log in. Forgot password or user name? Posts Latest Activity. Page of 1.

omc shift assist fix

Filtered by:. Previous template Next. It was converted to electronic ignition before I got it but I do not see where the "diode fix" is in the wire between the coil and the shift assist, Could this be my issue? I am not sure If the conversion was done after the prior owner took it out of the water for the last time or if he was running it with the current setup, The boat sat for three years before it was given to me.

I have cleaned out the fuel tank and pump and replaced fuel lines and replaced the coil. Thanks in advance, T. Tags: None. Cajunboy: Please fill in your profile and signature block. What you're experiencing sounds like a sticking or mis-rigged shift interrupt switch, or a sticking ESA switch cam.

When you shift the switch is supposed to be actuated momentarily and this signals the ESA module to cut out some cylinders. These videos show the switch and cam. Comment Post Cancel. Thank you I will have a look at that. Vent clogged maybe. Be good, be happy, for tomorrow is promised to no man! Manalapan N. I had the diode fix built on a circuit board and mounted it in a small fly box.

Boat shifted nicely after that. The P. I removed them afterwards. It was hard to shift beforehand as it would not stumble the ignition. I had the pertronix conversion on my Cdi makes the new style module goes with the electronic dist. Maybe the op has that? Thank You, thats a tidy setup unlike the orange blobI have the diodes on order and will be soldering and heat shrinkingno orange silicone here. I printed off the diode diagram from pertronix and took it into an electronics repair shop and the guy had a nice little circuit board on hand.Rocket Strike (4) Hard to split the top two picks.

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omc shift assist fix

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omc shift assist fix

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