270 win 150 gr load data

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270 win 150 gr load data

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Log in Register. What's new. Log in. JavaScript is disabled. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Thread starter sewwhat89 Start date Oct 19, Anyone got a tried and true load for gr bullets in Win.

My best load was withbut my load data book was stolen. Go figure? Load only shot into 1. Any help would be appreciated. Reloader Well-Known Member. That's a Max load so, start out alittle lower. It's consistently sub-moa at and in a sporter 22" tube Model Good Close range deer load. Good Luck Reloader. Joined Jan 30, Messages MatchGrade Synthetic Stock Stabilizer instructions. Hold that Forend! Effective Game Killing.

Basic Rifle Accuracy and Ballistics. The Door. Small Arms Wound Ballistics. The Practical Guide to Reloading. MatchGrade Bedding Products. Video Learning. Military and Police Consulting. Consultation with Nathan Foster. Help us with a donation. Shooting Tutorials. Film And Author Consulting. Book series reviews. YouTube Gallery. History The. It's effectiveness on game is so well embedded in our minds that we automatically use it as a benchmark when discussing other calibers.

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S military cartridge had proven itself to be a very effective and flexible cartridge for hunting North American game. Taking this a step further, Winchester designers were most likely inspired by the German designed 7mm bore actually 7.

A 7mm version of the. At this time, U. S citizens still carried a large degree of resentment towards German military technology having only recently been at the receiving end of first, the 7x57 during the Spanish-American war of followed by the 8mm during the first world war.

150 gr 270 Win loads?

Anything metric meant trouble and bad memories for some. Winchester avoided this problem by creating a similar but new cartridge caliber of. The first factory load featured a grain bullet at a muzzle velocity which closely approached the factory advertised figure of fps from the 54 rifle's 24" barrel.

It should also be noted that in this same year, Winchester also offered the 7x57 as an option for the Model 54, perhaps as a means of testing the market and the 7x As much as Winchester hoped that the. A major problem was that factory loads for the. Fortunately for Winchester, U. S gun writer Jack O'Connor rescued the. Hunters, generally having no access to a chronograph, relied solely on the factory's word. As hunters gradually began to use and experiment with the.

The grain bullet, though seemingly light, was designed with a stout jacket to withstand high velocity impact. Winchester's original grain bullet delivered high shock, killed fast and gave outstanding penetration.Thanks in part to its age, we have reams of great reloading data to compare with and use for different load ideas. Provide good shot placement and any common hunting bullet will drop a deer just fine.

They handle loading without any tip deformation, have slightly better BC, and just look better. Some accuracy hounds prefer Berger bullets or Sierra GameKings. Try a few different bullets in your rifle to see what it likes. A traditionalist would move up to the grain bullet weight and stick with the cup and core bullets. Unfortunately, there is less reloading data available for both of these bullets than with traditional bullets.

They give great speed, fill the case consistently, and are readily available. When it comes to brass, I have no preference.

Currently I trim to length, chamfer mouth, uniform primer pocket, and weigh cases out. Since I neck size, brass prep is a lot easier after the first prep. In any case, probably more than is necessary for just hunting rounds.

Why all the prep for the lowly ? I like to feel confident in my rifle, and part of that equation is using the best ammunition possible. When it comes to dies, I run all new cases through a standard LEE full length sizer, mostly to knock out any case mouth dings the cases may have acquired from shipping. To reload, I use a LEE neck collet sizer and the dead length bullet seater.

So you could be shooting a fast, accurate, reloaded cartridge for way cheaper than its modern equivalent and hold more rounds in your magazine to boot! It gets hard to justify the expensive factory rounds or brass for the WSM when regular is much cheaper, more available, and superformance powder gets it much higher in performance. Aside from the performance question, you could take the for what it is: accurate enough, and carrying enough power to take game up toflat shooting, and relatively low recoil.

That is to say, the is a very practical cartridge if you need to make long shots. Adriel has been hunting all his life and tries to apply a practical point of views to his reviews. Close Menu Rifles.

270 win 150 gr load data

Dies When it comes to dies, I run all new cases through a standard LEE full length sizer, mostly to knock out any case mouth dings the cases may have acquired from shipping.Volume: 53 Back to issue. Reloader's Press - Dave Scovill.

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Practical Handloading - Rick Jamison. The writer was Ken Waters and the subject was the. At the time, the best-known proponents of the. It delivered high velocity combined with excellent hunting accuracy. The powders then available to him were the IMR series of, and This load, he reported in Outdoor Life and repeated in several bookswas not only accurate in his own two custom.

It simply never failed. Given the. This conclusion is contrary to every burning-rate chart I have ever seen, but he arrived at it by comparing powder charges with the resulting velocities.

He apparently never looked back, at least for hunting loads. The comment that stuck in my mind was the one about the IMR load working well in every single. In my experience, a load that is excellent with one rifle may be mediocre in another, and no load ever proves to be accurate with every rifle.

Note that he did not say equally accurate, but. Finding myself with a selection of different. There was, however, one hitch: Nowhere, in any modern loading manual that I could find, is this charge listed. Hodgdon, which now supplies IMR powders, lists a maximum on its website of Obviously, this load needs to be approached with caution, especially given the many changes that have taken place in the 70 years since it was first published.

Nosler Partition 150gr with Reloder 23 , 270 Winchester loads

The brass I used is Nosler, which has notably greater capacity than Winchester brass I have measured. For bullets, I laid in a supply of Sierra grain spitzer boat-tails, a highly accurate bullet that I have used for both hunting and target loads.

Being a careful sort, I decided to work up from My test rifle was a Sauera strong, modern design that has delivered fine accuracy. At no point in the proceedings was there even the faintest hint that I was working on the fine edge of excessive pressure. Primers looked perfect, the brass showed hardly any sign of expansion, bolt lift was silky, extraction was effortless and the velocity never once hit 3, fps.

To be on the absolute safe side, I then repeated the process using a different rifle, working up but checking only for pressure signs. The results were identical; no pressure signs, no difficulties, no red flags. The five rifles I then used to test for accuracy using the It shoots as flat as a 7mm or. It is one of the world's greatest all-around hunting cartridges.

This blend of desirable characteristics has kept the. It is based on the. The load that made the. The recoil energy from firing this load in an 8 pound rifle amounts to Although most current factory loaded ammo has backed off a bit on velocity, this level of performance can still be achieved by the reloader. Today's standard factory loads drive the grain spitzer to about fps. The Speer grain flat base spitzer has a ballistic coefficient BC of.

These numbers are right in the big game ballpark. Because the grain. Factory energy figures look like this: muzzle energy ME of ft. The other classic. This load can also be duplicated by reloaders and the Speer grain flat base spitzer bullet has a ballistic coefficient of. The sleek grain boat tail bullet has a BC of. Here are some. The range of grains remains the most popular, however. I chose H powder for the examples below because it is widely available, accurate and offers excellent performance in the.

The grain bullet is still the most popular with reloaders. The sixth edition of the Hornady Handbook of Cartridge Reloading shows loads with their various grain bullets using The grain Partition spitzer bullet is a proven favorite for tough game like North American elk.

The Nosler loads mentioned above were developed using Winchester cases and Federal primers; they were chronographed in a 24" rifle barrel. Bullets heavier than grains are available to the reloader who fancies them.

270 win 150 gr load data

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270 win 150 gr load data

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Reloading for 270 Winchester

You'll see a string of numbers to enter. Go to your mobile device, open a browser window and go to youtube.

H4895 reduced loads

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270 win 150 gr load data

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